311 spray foam
& construction

Our family was born into the construction business with over 20+ years in the field and has been involved in every asepect of construction from painting, laying carpet, building, remodeling, and anything in between. 

Our mission is to grow our family through our team and provide quality customer service to our clients. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Featured Service

311 Spray Foam & Construction provides professional spray foam insulation for your home or business. 

Take care of your home or business from the very beginning by using spray polyurethane foam insulation. This ultimately saves you time and money!  Spray foam insulation is your solution for energy efficiency, improved air quality, enhanced comfort and consistency, minimizing exterior noise, eliminating hot and cold spots, and controlling air and moisture. Our equipment can be used for open-cell, closed-cell, concrete lifting, roof coatings, polyurea, foam injection, and more!

SPRAY polyurethane foam insulation

This product fully adheres to most construction substances, and is the best option for all climate zones. 


We can help create the home of your dreams!  From gutting to finishing we can transform any room into all you can imagine.  We’ll work with you to design the perfect look for your home.    


With over 20+ years of experience, we can help construct new buildings, decks, additions and more.  


The 311 crew has repeatedly exceeded all of my expectations. They provided accurate estimates, complete jobs timely, and are true professionals. It is such a relief to find such a dependable contractor. Give them a try and you will see exactly what I mean. You will be happy with the professional and friendly service.”

Jason Jackson
Martin, TN

I first hired Mitch to build the interior of a cabin office & a cover, and then hired him again for building an 80′ ramp. Mitch & his crew worked hard and got the projects done right. Most importantly, he is very honest and always works for the customers’ best interests. Lastly, his price is fair and consistent. I highly recommend Mitch.”

Morris Vu
Greenfield, TN

Reliable and trustworthy! A great company to work with and the only company I hire for projects. Mitch took plenty of time to understand my vision and offered ideas to make the build more cost effective. I trust him completely. A great family owned business.”

Kellie Carroll
Troy, TN